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WMPE Submissive Discussions

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WMPE August Newsletter [Aug. 4th, 2009|10:19 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

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WMPE August Newsletter

Summer is finally in full swing. The rain has let up long enough for
us to wish it would come back to provide some relief from the
humidity. August is a special month for us this year, because one year
ago, the new Board took office, and we began planning our first events
for September. We hope you all have enjoyed the last year as much as
we have!

On that subject, if you or anyone you know is interested in presenting
at a munch or play night, please let us know! We are always searching
for new people to teach us what they know, and it's very likely that
you know something that at least one other member would like to learn!
Also, if you have any requests for presenters that you've seen
elsewhere, please let us know as well, even if you think we couldn't
possibly get them in a million years. We want to know what you guys
are interested in seeing and learning about.

On to this month's events...

August 5, 2009 Chicopee Munch
Hukelau - Chicopee, MA, 6:30-9:30

Age Play 101

What is age play? Why people do age play? These questions and more
will be answered by our presenter Ella. Ella is a regular participant
in the Boston scene, as both an age player and "traditional" kinkster.
She has also attended events in our area, at both the Waterhole (at
the previous WMPE TNG night) and the more recent Littles Invasion at
the Space in Hartford. She was part of a panel presentation on age
play at the Winter Flea last year, and we are pleased to be able to
bring in someone with both a fresh perspective and experience on this

August Submissive Discussions will be taking the month of August off.
Stay tuned for more information in the future.

August 21, 2009 WMPE Play Night
The Society, Hartford, CT 8:00PM- 1:00AM
9:00 PM Bootblacking Expo

At our play night this month we will be talking about Pervertables!
This is another round-table discussion event, much like the
bootblacking expo we did in July. Pervertables, or the art of finding
mundane items and using them as kinky toys, is every kinkster's
favorite hobby. How many times have you been in the dollar store and
seen something that made you nudge your partner and snicker? Finding
new things to turn into toys is fun and a great way to expand your bag
of tricks while saving you a bunch of money. Some are so good that
they find their way to vendor tables at the flea at twice the original
price. We'll be showing some of our best finds and encourage others to
share theirs with us.

Admission: $15 for WMPE and Society members, $20 for guests with a sponsor.

August 26, 2009 Northampton Discussion Munch
Location: Packards, Northampton
14 Masonic St
Northampton, MA 01060

Come join us for food, discussion, and socializing in Northampton, MA.
There is a municipal lot across the street, but be aware it is often
crowded. We will have some private space in the back, ask for Micah's
group or WMPE.

See you soon!
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WMPE July Newsletter [Jun. 29th, 2009|10:10 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

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WMPE July Newsletter

Summer is here, even if it seems like the rain will never end. We had a busy June, throwing a special TNG event at the Waterhole that had a great turnout! Thanks to Master R and Mistress Colette of La Domaine Esemar, and Gazer and Kitten, two longstanding members of WMPE and the Society, for coming out to educate and entertain everyone! On to this month's events...

July 1, 2009 Chicopee Munch
Hukelau - Chicopee, MA, 6:30-9:30
Erotic Open Mic Night 2

Welcome to WMPE's Erotic Open Mic Night! Last year, we held the first ever open mic at the Hukelau, and it was quite the success! This month, we're bringing it back, and hope to make this a yearly event. Come share your personal favorite stories, poems and writings. We've all got something to share. Stories that we come back to again and again. Some of them are so dirty you feel sleazy just thinking about them. Others make you laugh every time you read them. Some are classics, some are new, and some you wrote yourself. Our library will be available if you want to read a favorite passage or selection.

July 13, 2009 Submissive Discussions

Submissive Discussions is back, and trying something different. This month's event will be a potluck at the home of two of our board members, Aimee and Micah. Aimee promises to kick out her domly dom for the evening! As this is a potluck event, please RSVP with what you are bringing and then Aimee will provide you with the address. Please send all RSVPs to pinksbrat@gmail.com.

July 17, 2009 WMPE Play Night
The Society, Hartford, CT 8:00PM- 1:00AM
8:00 PM- WMPE Discussion- Topic TBA
9:00 PM Bootblacking Expo

At our playnight this month we will have a Bootblacking Expo! Not a workshop or a demo, an expo is a chance for you to come and get some hands-on experience. Come practice your skills, learn how to do a proper spit-shine for the first time, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to get your lips on a hot boot. But if you aren't a bottom, that's ok. Someone has to wear the boots for everyone to practice on, right? And we know all you tops and domly types have at least one pair of boots that need work. So wear them to the Space and get them cleaned properly! Some basic materials will be available, so you don't need to bring anything to learn or practice.

Admission: $15 for WMPE and Society members, $20 for guests with a sponsor.

July 22, 2009 Northampton Discussion Munch
Location: Packards, Northampton
14 Masonic St
Northampton, MA 01060

Come join us for food, discussion, and socializing in Northampton, MA. There is a municipal lot across the street, but be aware it is often crowded. We will have some private space in the back, ask for Micah's group or WMPE.

See you soon!
Rashad, Jason, Micah, and Aimee
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Question of need [Feb. 10th, 2008|05:47 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

Cross posted to the list

So as a sub how do you make sure your needs are met? How have you and your top worked out a way for him to know when you need something specific? How do you do that while still preserving your sub nature? How do you avoid the appearance of "topping from the bottom"?

I have been struggling with this for a bit and am curious to hear others thoughts.
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It's Party Time ! [Sep. 19th, 2007|12:42 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

[mood |excitedexcited]

Fall is approaching quickly and you won't be able to wear those bikinis and speedos for too much longer. So how about coming down to the Space and wearing them one last time this year at a WMPE Beachless Beach Party?

All the fun begins at 8:00 pm and will go until 1:00 am

- September 21st WMPE Play Night -

Beachless Beach Party

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we can't still throw a beach party. And as an added bonus, no sand to fish out of bad places!!! All you need to do is bring your beach Time to find out if you can flog to Beach Boys music and whip with Jan and Dean playing in the background. Los Straightjackets anyone?

Bathing suits are not required but encouraged. Unless of course you would like to think of it as a NUDE Beach then hehehe that is always encouraged.

Also, as with any WMPE Party be prepared to have a great, and fun time with friends. :)

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Paul (aka. DaSade) & c.c. (aka. c.c.)

Executive Directors WMPE



Monthly WMPE play nights are held at the Society of Hartford's play space (http://thesocietyct.org) and are typically held the third Friday of each month.  The Society has a 3300 sq. ft. dungeon along with all of the fixtures and apparatus associated with such.  Directions can be found at http://thesocietyct.org/directions.html.

There is a $15 admission fee to WMPE and Society members and $20 admission fee for guests.  Guests needing someone to sponsor them can send an e-mail to wmpe@wmpe.org.  WMPE play nights are open to members and guests 21 and up. 
No drugs or alcohol are allowed anywhere on the premises, including the Society's parking lot.

These are fetish events and BDSM scenes will be going on, most likely involving some degree of nudity.  If you do not wish to see or witness such things, this is most likely not the night for you to attend.  All of the Society's rules will be in effect and enforced on WMPE nights.  My only addition to their rules is please be respectful to those who are in the middle of a scene.  Keep any conversations or discussions in the lounge area and not in the sceneing area.

Play nights typically include a demo and pot luck.  Attendees are encouraged to bring a dish or snack to share with the group.

The Society of Connecticut,

806 Windsor St.

Hartford, CT 06120 (MAP)  



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Western MA Kinky Training? [Sep. 2nd, 2007|06:37 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

I'm looking for someone from the Western MA area to do a training/workshop on an introduction to BDSM in general, or to any particular kink for a bunch of college kids this fall. The training would be at UMass, no longer than an hour on a Tuesday night, and chances are we wouldn't be able to pay much, if anything (but that's negotiable based on credentials - ie, if you are absolutely amazing and can prove it, we can probably rustle up something to pay you with) As it will be presented to a queer student group, someone who is queer friendly is an absolute must.

Are you that someone? Do you know that someone? If so, please let me know at maray@student.umass.edu. There isn't an exact date for the workshop yet, we would be happy to work around your schedule.
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IMPORTANT Information [May. 2nd, 2007|03:08 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

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 <input ... >


I just found out yesterday that Bickfords in Springfield shut down and we wouldn't have been able to meet this month if it weren't for our very own Rashad. That same day he found us a new meeting place. Yea! ! !

So this Friday, May 4, 2007 we are going to be meeting at:


Mykonos European
Restaurant & Bar

Springfield Plaza
1237 Liberty St.
Springfield, MA

From 7pm - 9pm.

It is not ideal but it will certainly work for now. :) Also, if you are familar with the Western Mass. area and know of some good places with free private rooms that we can reserve, please let me know.

I am really excited that we found this place so quickly because I would have been sad to have to cancel.

Hope to see you there,

c.c. :)

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WMPE TNG "Getting Hot For Summer" June 2nd [Apr. 26th, 2007|12:17 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions


Getting HOT For Summer!!


Summer is just around the corner and WMPE TNG is turning up the heat! We’re bringing together three fabulous presenters in a night that promises to be hot, hot, HOT! Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and get ready welcome summer in style!


When:  Doors open at 8pm on Saturday, June 2nd

Where: The Waterhole Custom Leather, Tolland CT

Who:     Gazer -  Fireplay

                Roxxanne   Wax Play

                Tyger  -  The Arc of a Scene - from negotiation to aftercare

How Much:  We request a donation of $3 at the door OR food/non-alcoholic beverage to share


Want to come but don’t want to try driving home at 3am? STAY OVER WITH US!! That’s right, the wonderful folks at The Waterhole have once again invited us all to sleep over. What’s better than sleeping in a dungeon? Bring your pillows, sleeping bags, air mattresses, stuffed animals, etc and spend the night with us! After cleanup in the morning we’ll all head out to breakfast!

Once again we’ve found some great raffle prizes, so don’t forget to bring money for tickets! As always, be prepared to show I.D. so we know you’re between the ages of 18 and 35. There will be NO cameras, drugs, alcohol, or sex permitted.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

If you have any questions, comments, etc. feel free to email us at tng@wmpe.org

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Reminder - WMPE Specialty Night [Mar. 26th, 2007|09:55 am]
WMPE Submissive Discussions


Hi everyone,

The Specialty Night is approaching !!!!!

It is this Saturday March 31st. starting at 8:00 pm. I am soooo psyched.  If you are a card carrying member of WMPE please come and check it out and see what all the buzz is about.

This is our second one and the first one was intense and awesome.

So here is all the information :

k.'s WMPE Specialty Night 


Guests will enter and immediately sign the guest book to signify that they have read all of the rules. They then are ushered into the main room by the greeter, handing off any food they may have brought to the support submissive. There will be a covered card table and four folding chairs in the main room where people can fill out their limitations list if necessary. (If people need to fill out their cards, the greeter will "fade into the background"... against the wall with hands behind back eyes down head up...until they are ready to proceed.) Submissives will be directed to stand against the side wall to await direction and Dominants will be brought to the lounge attendant and their name card passed on. The lounge attendant will then enter the lounge ahead of the Dominant, step aside so that they can enter, introduce them by the name printed on their card and ask if they require any service at that time. Once guests have arrived the host couple will go over rules and expectations for the evening. Snacks will be served by the submissives in a "parade" manner with each submissive carrying a try of refreshments. The submissive will approach the guest, bend to offer them the tray, straighten once they have served and thank the guest for allowing them to be of service that evening, then move on to the next guest. Once one submissive is halfway around the room, the next one will enter. Once the refreshments have been served, submissives will retire to the "kitchen" area to refresh themselves with food and drink. They will then ensure that bells are placed around the room and easily accessible should any guest require service while they are playing. The submissives will line up against the side wall and the host submissive will inform the guests that the lineup is ready whenever they wish to come to the main room. Guests will either stand or sit (depending on how many chairs are available) while each submissive steps forward, introduces themselves, and states clearly what they are or are not available for that evening. Once the lineup is complete, the meat market will begin. All submissives not on the meat market will leave the lineup at this time. There will be 5 minutes between scenes for people to find their partners, get refreshments, etc. Boot blacking will be offered in the pen. The lounge will remain open for relaxation and conversation between the guests. A person will remain near the door at all times to ensure any late coming guests will be properly taken care of.




Guests Arrive/Socialize


Go over expectations, rules, etc


Submissives get snacks ready


Snacks are served


Submissives eat


Line Up


Meat Market




·         No Drugs or Alcohol

·         Clothes must be worn outside and in the front shop area

·         No Smoking inside the building

·         Guests must negotiate all scenes with the submissive (if in the meat market) or the submissive's Dominant (if not in the meat market). If they wish to have a "mixed" scene with multiple parts they must negotiate this beforehand, otherwise they must stick to the scene they signed up for.

·         Unless otherwise specified by the person's Dominant beforehand, there will be no touching of the property in the meat market. Examinations are permissible however, such as having the property turn, bend, spread, etc.

·         Regardless of what limitations are listed or what scene has been negotiated, a person's Dominant has the final say in what does or does not happen. If a Dominant wants their property to be used by one person all night, they can make that happen. If they wish not to acknowledge their property's limitation list, that is perfectly acceptable.

·         The Host of the evening has final say over Guest activities. If the Host feels that something is too dangerous or inappropriate, He can call a halt to any activity. His decision is indisputable.

·         Buck (The Owner of the space) has override power over anything that happens in his place. His word is law and there will be no disputing his judgment calls.

·         A submissive on the meat market may say no to any proposed scene… up to three times. After the third rejection, the Guest reserves the right to publicly tear up the dance card and send the submissive away from the meat market. If their card has been torn up, the submissive will not play for the rest of the evening but will be assigned other tasks.

·         If a submissive is feeling overwhelmed during a scene or simply needs a break, they reserve the right to clearly call out the word "wall" and they will be released to stand or kneel against the wall for the remainder of that 15 minute time slot. This is not a "safe word" per se, more like a momentary "time out".


1        Greeter:

Stands behind the counter next to the door and directs people to sign the guests book (which k will make…one book with a page for each WMPE event)…ensures that guests signing in understand that signing is their acknowledgement of the rules 

2        Guide:

Once guestbook is signed, the Greeter will lead guests to the area where they can fill out the limitations list (a card table will be set up in the main room) and then onto their places. Dominants will be introduced to the lounge attendant, submissives will be directed to stand against the wall 

3        Support Servant:

The Support Servant will stand against the wall between the counter and the door to the main room. They will assume the role of Greeter whenever the main greeter is unavailable (with other guests, etc). Whenever possible they will get the door for greeter and guests. They will also be available to answer any questions or step in should someone need relief. 

4        Lounge Attendant:

The Lounge Attendant will stand against the wall next to the lounge door. They will listen for a bell or any other indication that service is needed and promptly enter the lounge to enquire as to how they may be of service. Once they have obtained all the information needed to carry out the requested task, they will bow their head (possibly curtsy?) and back out of the room. They will then select a runner from the group of unoccupied submissives, relay all the necessary information and send them on to do the task so that they may remain at the door incase other service is needed. Once the runner returns with the requested item (or information, etc) they will again enter the lounge (knocking if the door is closed) and provide the requested service. After each task they will **thank the Dominant for allowing their to be of service**, ensure that no other service is needed by the original Dominant or any other (if it is, they will repeat the process again)  bow their head (possibly curtsy?) and back out of the room, returning to their post against the wall.

5        Towel boy/wench:

The towel wench will be a submissive that has chosen (or been instructed) not to play that evening. Throughout the play portion of the evening they will go to each Dominant during the "switching subbies" period and offer a towel. If all the submissives plan to play that evening, one will be chosen to distribute towels before play begins.

6        Host:

The Host will remain in the lounge, initially ensuring that the first guest to arrive is not left alone in the lounge. For the first portion of the evening (until all guests have arrived) he will focus on socializing and making people feel at ease (i.e., being a good host). Once the guests have arrived, he will again go over the rules and expectations for the evening, such as how to signal that you are in need of something, what to expect when you ring for service, what to expect from the subs, what the subs rules are for the evening (to make it easier for them to catch us doing something wrong!) and the like. Throughout the evening the host will continue to hold himself to the highest standard of behavior and adherence to the rules, thus leading by example 

7        Host Submissive:

The Host Submissive will be available during the beginning of the evening should any of the previously mentioned submissives need relief or extra help. They will ensure that food and drinks are set up in the right place (refreshments will be on the back work bench, out of sight of the guests) and ready to go. Once guests have arrived they will go over the rules and expectations for the submissives and answer any questions that may arise. They will ensure that the time line is being adhered to as closely as possible, organize the serving of the refreshments at the appropriate time, and make sure that no one is feeling overwhelmed by the task they have taken on. They will also ensure that each of the submissives are doing their job properly and take appropriate action if needed. Throughout the night they will continue to hold themselves to the highest standard of behavior and adherence to the rules, thus leading by example.

**Whenever a servant is not being useful they will stand in their position with their head up, eyes down, feet shoulder-width apart and hands clasped behind their back**



Everyone in attendance will have a Dance Card assigned to them upon their arrival. Who has the card in their possession changes given the guest's side of the Power Fence and their status as a partner.

For All:

·                     The submissive will list on their dance card any limits and physical conditions they may have.

·                     All limitations and physical restrictions, no matter how absurd, will be honored.

·                     People are not limitations.

·                     The name the participant wishes to be addressed as is to be listed on the card.

·                     Time is broken into 15 minute intervals. No one may sign up for more than one 15 minute time slot per hour unless express permission was given by the person's Dominant.

For Couples:

·                     Both Dominants and submissives will be given dance cards

·                     The Dominant will be given both cards

·                     The Dominant can then decide if they wish to put the submissive on the Meat Market (the submissive will then hold their own card) or if they would like to choose the submissives play partners for them. (See "Meat Market" section for details") 

For Dominants:

·                     The Dominants have a card to help keep track of their schedule for the evening

·                     During the social time, Dominants may solicit other Dominants who have partners in order to fill their cards.

For Submissives:

·                     Submissives may not refuse to play with any Guest

·                     Single submissives may elect to choose a "Protector" at any time up to 30 minutes before the "Meat Market" begins

For Submissives:

·                     Protectors are surrogates for the evening with no ownership claims to the submissive they are protecting

·                     One a Protector has agreed to accept the single submissives request, they will go to the submissive and collect their dance card and discuss any preferences and concerns the submissive may have

·                     The Protector will then be the person in charge of filling the submissives dance card

·                     Once the dance card is full, or play begins for the night, duties of the protector are over

Meat Market:


·                     15 minutes prior to the play portion of the evening, single submissives without protectors or those whose Dominants have elected to have them placed on the market will line up for inspection

·                     Dominants may have the submissives assume any form of inspection position they wish, but they may not touch them

·                     Any Dominant may approach a submissive in the meat market and select an open time slot to fill

·                     Dominants will then state what sort of scene they wish to have with the submissive, ensuring that it is within the submissives limitations

·                     Submissives in the meat market may not refuse to play with a Dominant, however they may reject the offered scene

·                     If a scene is rejected, a new scene may be proposed. The submissive may then also or accept the rejected scene

·                     If the second scene is rejected a third may be offered. If the third scene is rejected, the Dominant has the option to hen rip up the submissives dance card and send them to the pen for the evening, regardless of how many Guests are scheduled to play with them.

·                     Submissives without dance cards will not be allowed to play

Warnings for the evening:

·                     These rules will not change before the event. By attending this event, you are agreeing to adhere to the rules. If any of these rules give you cause to doubt attending, feel free not to attend.

·                     I purposely did not add a section of rules regarding sexual acts. This is because we are all adults and I trust that we can conduct ourselves accordingly. I say this to give you a "heads up" that sexual acts within the limits set for us by Connecticut state laws are not prohibited. We expect that anyone engaging in such activities to provide adequate protection to the level they feel necessary or not engage in those activities. All parties wishing for protection will be respected at all times. There will be no exceptions.

For more information please check out www.wmpe.org or email Master and I at wmpe@wmpe.org

Hope to see you all there,

c.c. :) 

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Correction on WMPE Specialty Night [Mar. 19th, 2007|01:01 pm]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

Whooops... The date for the specialty night is actually March 31,
2007. It is going to be held at the Water Hole in Tolland and will
be starting at 8:00 PM on March 31, 2007

c.c. :)

> Hi everyone,
> The rules and protocals for the "Specialty Night" on March 19,
2007 are
> up on the web site. www.wmpe.org <http://www.wmpe.org> It is in
> lettering and titled "k's Specialty Night"
> If you are planning on attending I recommend you check it out. :)
> Don't forget it is a card carrying WMPE member and one guest only
> If you have any questions please contact us at wmpe@...
> <mailto:wmpe@...>
> Hope to see you there,
> c.c. :)
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Scheduled Chat Reminder [Mar. 19th, 2007|09:59 am]
WMPE Submissive Discussions

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Title: Scheduled Chat
Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007
Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Repeats: This event repeats every month on the third Tuesday.
Next reminder: The next reminder for this event will be sent in 2 days, 22 hours, 59 minutes.
Location: http://www.lhcw.net/WMPE_Submissive_Discussions
Notes: For all of those who can't make it to our monthly meetings (and even those who can!) we have a scheduled chat once a month. Which is held at the following url:

http://www.lhcw.net/WMPE_Submissive_Discussions (To get there simply copy and paste the above url into your browser)

To register your own nick enter this into your browser http://concord.liveharmony.org/tools/nickreg/ You will only have to do that once.

Hope to see you there :)
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